Institute of animal biology of NAAS is the leading Ukrainian research institution in livestock industry and the scientific center for "Physiology of Animals" which coordinates investigations in physiology and biochemistry, nutrition, biotechnology for scientific institutions of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

Institute deals with the biology of growth, development and adaptation, metabolism in farm animals, development of nano- and biotechnology methods to increase reproductive ability of animals, the study of biological effects of nanomaterials, the study of the molecular mechanisms of immune potential in animals, methods for producing of environmentally safe food.


  • fundamental problems of physiology and biochemistry of livestock, poultry, fish and bees, development of biological basis of increase animal productivity and resistance
  • theoretical basis of animal nutrition
  • development and improvement of methods for physiological and biochemical studies
  • nano- and biotechnology methods for increasing the reproductive ability of animals and biochemical tests for the breeding intensification in livestock
  • new components and competitive technologies for production of biologically active substances
  • impact of environmental factors on the physiological and biochemical states of animals and development of methods for producing of ecological products
  • molecular mechanisms of immune potential formation in animals
  • metabolism in healthy and sick high performance cows, development of diagnostic, treatments and prevention of diseases
  • etiologic factors and pathogenic mechanisms of prion and rare diseases, development of methods of their diagnosis and prophylaxis;
    nano and biotechnology-based drugs for livestock
  • coordination of research for "Physiology of Animals" program of NAAS
  • scientific education by postgraduate and doctoral studies




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