Since 1998 a number of fundamentally new inventions have been started in Laboratory of immunology , including new generation of complex veterinary drugs for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases.


Vishchur Oleg – head of the laboratory, Dr.Sc., professor

Kychun Ihor – leading researcher, PhD

Broda Nataliia – leading researcher, PhD

Smolyaninov Kostyantyn – senior researcher, PhD

Prudius Taras – senior researcher, PhD

Mudrak Dariya – senior researcher, PhD

Masyuk Maria – researcher, PhD

Matlakh Iryna – leading specialist

Yasnysky Roman – leading specialist


The study of metabolic homeostasis, formation of immune response in the last gestation period and in critical periods of postnatal adaptation;

The development of effective methods of prevention and treatment of various diseases, immunodeficiency, expecially in the early postnatal period;

The study of mechanisms of action of new immunotropic drugs on immune potential, NO-mechanisms, antioxidant system, protein and lipid metabolism;

The studies of immunomodulatory drugs in the system of prevention of young animals and for stimulation of immunobiological reactivity, increased productivity and preservation of animals;

The development of methods of elevation of immune potential in animals and poultry with the help of modern safe drugs;

All studies are conducted on farm animals and poultry (large cattle, pigs, rabbits, chickens, quails), laboratory animals (rats, murns).


The laboratory staff and graduate students defended 2 doctoral and 9 PhD theses, published more than 400 scientific works, including 4 books, 24 patents of Ukraine, 5 references, 3 methodological recommendations, 2 laboratory workshops.


Laboratory has developed methods of separation and purification of immunoglobulins of classes G, A, M from the blood of cattle and pigs to obtain nonspecific antiserum in order to create a test system for the assessment of humoral immunity in animals. Immunonefelometric method is patented for determining the concentration of individual classes of immunoglobulins in the biological fluids of the animal body and the method of determining the immune potential according to the indicators of macrophage transformation of mononuclears.

As a result of numerous long -term studies, laboratory has successfully developed and tested drugs for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases:
"Antoxan" - an immunomodulator with antioxidant effect, promotes increasing the interferon, reduces the level of free radicals in the blood and accelerates the development of humoral reactions, which causes the formation of general immunological protection of animals;

"Lipogen"-for the prevention of edema in weaving piglets and treatment of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases in young animals;

"Interflock", "Lipoflock", "Lipovit", "Cyvitar", "Selcit", "Kisiscin" and "Vitarmin" - to increase antioxidant status and immune potential in animals;

“Imukor” - activates the mechanisms of nonspecific resistance;

"Vitan"-stimulates redox processes, increases the immune status and resistance of fish in contamination of reservoirs with pesticides, in intoxication and diseases of different etiology;

"Amivit" - accelerates the growth and development of young animals, normalizes metabolism, prevents rickets, increases the resistance of animals to infectious diseases;

"Mimetton"-for the treatment of endometritis, stimulation of separation of litter and prevention of its delay in cows, prevention in sows of metritis-mastite-agalactia syndrome;

"Pincol"-increases the growth and development of animals and ensures the survival of newborn pigs; "Gonadophyte" - for stimulation and synchronization of sexual hunting in sows.


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 Laboratory of Immunology

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