Laboratory of Physiology, Biochemistry and Nutrition of Poultry

Scientific researches of laboratories on proteins and amino acids, vitamins and enzymes, developed by outstanding researchers of the laboratories - Ratych I.B., Kyryliv Ya.I., Stojanovski G.M., Payenok S.M., Gusak J. S., Hunchak A.V., Dougan’ N.Ya., Brantyuk A.A., Dobriansky I.V. - served as precondition to set up a Laboratory of Physiology, Biochemistry and poultry nutrition in 1997.

Major researches:

  • Research of ontogenetic and organ-tissue peculiarities of physiological and biochemical processes in poultry, justification for needs of  nutrients of new lines and crosses, developments to improve the biological completeness of feed;
  • Research of transformation mechanisms of feed nutrients in eggs and meat of different species of poultry in order to obtain high quality poultry products, safe for consumption and functional;
  • Develop mixed feed formula for feeding and breeding poultry that will ensure its maximum genetic potential without prohibited biological stimulants, antibiotics, hormones and other substances, which inhibit or excessively stimulate the function of the endocrine glands;
  • Develop the effectiveness of use of feed nutrients, productivity, reproductive and immunological reactivity of poultry;
  • The laboratory performs a broad spectrum of biochemical researches of feed, blood, chyme, muscle and eggs.

Staff of the lab offers on a contractual basis services for:

  • Studying and evaluating the productivity of egg and meat of poultry of different species;
  • Physiological and biochemical tests of blood, muscle and eggs of poultry;
  • Consultancy to farms on nutrition of poultry of different species and productive age groups;
  • Analyzing feed base for farm stocks.


Since its initiation, the laboratory  staff  have published over 300 articles, 11 methodical recommendations,12 patents of Ukraine for useful model,
2  monographs and 4 manuals, 2 DSTU, 2 SOU and 4 TU.

The laboratory delivers postgraduate  and doctoral studies.One doctoral  and 12 PhD theses have been presented at the Lab.
Scientific and technical level of equipment, methodological support and qualification of the personnel (two doctors, six PhDs) meet the needs of the Laboratory of Physiology, Biochemistry and Poultry nutrition to conduct physiological and biochemical researches as confirmed in the accreditation  certificate # 017 / biol. as of 06.03.2013 according to the requirements of DSTU ISO / IEC 17025/2006.