Laboratory of biotechnology of reproduction

logobiotehnologyThe aim the work of laboratory is study the physiological and biochemical processes in the body and reproductive organs of different animals and the development of biotechnological methods for improving reproductive functions of cattle, pigs, sheep and dogs.

Areas of research laboratories is study the role of membrane factors for various process and conditions cryopreservation of sperm male different animal, enhance the fertilizing capacity of sperm male after cryopreservation; optimization medium for dilution and storage of boar semen for improvements sperm quality and increment fertilization sow and births pigs; improvements fertilizing capacity of thawing sperm rams for sheep with done sexual stimulation heat and laparoscopic insemination.

Coworkers the laboratory:

  • Modified the methods the transplantation embryos cattle, artificial insemination of cows what is the donor embryos with sperm what was cryopreserved and thawed, designed the methods rapid freezing the embryos;
  • Developed biotechnological methods for stimulation the reproductive function of sows, complex drugs to stimulate reproductive function and treatment of gynecological pathologies in sows.
  • Work out the methods cryopreservation of semen bull, boars, sheep and dogs;
  • Improved methods of insemination the pigs and sheep;
  • Designed medium for short-term storage of semen boars.