Ukrainian Association for Buiatrics (UAB)

Buiatrics, originally a Greek word, meant the healing and treatment of cattle. This term is also applicable when referring to the study of both infectious and noninfectious diseases in ruminants. Moreover, Buiatrics includes research on the spread, etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of cattle and other ruminant animals.


Ukrainian Association for Buiatrics (UAB) is a public organization that unites citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons who arrived to Ukraine to work in the field of veterinary medicine. This Association is founded upon the principles of democracy, volunteerism, publicity, legality and equality of all its members in full compliance with the Constitution of Ukraine, Law of Ukraine "On Citizens’ Associations" and current legislation.
Ukrainian Association for Buiatrics has been a member of international associations since 2008, in particular The World Association for Buiatrics (WAB), which was founded in 1962. WAB holds world congresses in Boiatrics every two years, while regional and national congresses take place annually. For instance, it is the Central European Buiatrics Congress, in which Ukraine's representatives are constantly involved.

The purpose of the public association UAB is for the promotion of veterinary science development and all its scientific specializations.

The main objectives of the public organization UAB are as follows
  • The promotion of both the development and improvement of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases of ruminants;

  • The support of scientific data dissemination and contacts between veterinary experts, organizing meetings for discussing the animal diseases, holding scientific meetings and workshops;

  • Assisting the members of the UAB on improving their professional knowledge and qualifications;

  • The protection of the rights and interests of the members of the UAB.

Board of the public organization Ukrainian Association for Buiatrics

The President 

Vlizlo Vasyl - Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine 


Mariya Kozak - PhD 

Statute of a public organization Ukrainian Association for Buiatrics
Introduction to a public organization Ukrainian Association for Buiatrics

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